1/ Can you erase it?
Yes, you can erase the drawing as many times as you want.

2/ How do the markers work?
You have to shake the pen and press down the nib till the ink comes out.

3/ Does a pair of shoes include a set of markers?
One pair of Mr Monkies Original comes with a set of markers.

4/ How long does the drawing last on the shoes?
As long as you do not erase it.

5/ How long does the shipment take to arrive?
You can check our delivery details in here.

6/ Can i buy only a set of markers?
Yes, you can.

7/ Does a pair of Mr Monkies Studio shoes include a pair of markers?
For the studio you only need to add 5€ to get a set of markers

8/ Can the markers be used by kids?
All our pens are in line with European and American strict standards.

9/ Which is the material of the shoes?
You can check the materials of the shoes on the shop section here.

10/ How long does the drawing take to get dry?
It can vary according the weather and pigment of the color so we advice for those who do not want to wait to fix with hairspray.

11/ How do you erase the color when the drawing is dried?
Draw on the zone you want to erase with same color of the drawing and use the wet towel to wipe it off.

12/ Can i use other type of pens to draw on the shoes?
No. Only Mr Monkies pens work with our shoes. If you are out of ink you can buy new pens on the shop page.

13/ Are the drawings of the Mr Monkies Studio shoes permanent?
Yes. All the Mr Monkies Studio shoes drawing will be fixed permanently.

For any further questions you can contact us at hello@monkies-shoes.com